DreamCatcher Uriel: Owner of UNS Productions

It is all about pictures

We post what we ate, what we wore, where we went and who we were with, with countless selfies

It is all about pictures

We post what we ate, what we wore, where we went and who we were with, with countless selfies

Photography is now more popular than ever, but as many filters as you put on your pictures, nothing compares to the work of a professional. On the island of Curaçao there a plenty of photographers, but one young man in particular has stood out.


Meet Uriel, the owner of UNS Productions

UrielAt the age of 20 he is our youngest DreamCatcher, and his drive and attitude are worth talking about. Uriel got started with photography at 16 thanks to his father, who as a photographer himself, was the very first to teach him. Uriel would borrow his cousins’ camera’s, who were also taught photography by his father, to work and practice with while he saved up the money to buy his own camera.


With a couple of friends from his neighborhood he also dabbled in videography, but photography was what he decided to focus on. Now 4 years later, he can proudly say that he has shot covers for GoWeekly, has grown enormously in his craft and has a lot more to come. According to the young photographer one of the main things that made it possible for him to start UNS Productions, was his support system. People like his parents, brother, cousins and friends who always build him up, and encouraged him helped him enormously. When he received critique from others, he could always turn to those in his family with knowledge of photography for constructive criticism and help.


When asked what sets him apart from other photographers, he replies that it is difficult for him to pinpoint, being so immersed in the world of photography, because he has always heard different comments on opinions; but he hasn’t given that much thought.


What he does focus on, is becoming better. He wants to constantly look back at his work, and see that he has improved his skill set, and the quality of his pictures.




DC Uriel UNS Photoshoot

If you were to ask me what sets him apart, I would say it is his drive, and his attitude. People tend to focus a lot on competing with others, becoming the best, having the most likes, or being the most well known, but Uriel is constantly working with other photographers, giving shout outs to his peers, and sharing their work. His willingness to learn, grow from feedback, and push himself to continuously evolve combined with an honest admiration for the work of other photographers on the island and in the region, have me convinced that this young man will go far, because at a young age he has already learned that the success of others take nothing from his own; instead it ads to the field he loves.


Photoshoot UNS

I had the chance to have a photo shoot with him, and it is obvious he takes his work very seriously. His advice for anyone who wants to catch their dream, is to believe in themselves, keep pushing, and to be open to feedback. He gave a great example using a smoothie: experiment a bit. Use more milk, add less sugar, keep trying out different recipes, ask what people liked, and what they didn’t, try some more and you will get the result you want.

EdgeUp Marketing and I hope his story has inspired you to go after what it is you want; so be it a career in photography, or the shop with the best smoothies in town; cheers!

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