DreamCatchers Fayme & Josh: Owners of Hofi Cas Cora & The Eatery

Our lives are so filled with technological advancements that when thinking about positive changes and innovation sometimes it’s easy to forget about the basics.
So let’s get back to the roots shall we?

Hofi Cas Cora

This lovely farm is Hofi Cas Cora. And right on the farm, you can find the equally charming restaurant The Eatery. Both of which are run by Fayme & Josh.


Josh’s family bought the property a few years prior to Faymi and Josh moving back from Amsterdam. They had seen the property before while on vacation, and at that point they didn’t know yet what they wanted to do with it, or that doing something with it was even a possibility…but they were definitely impressed by the property and the many opportunities it could represent. Upon moving back, there were plenty of ideas, but nothing was happening just yet… and so Josh started farming.


Josh & Cucumbers

The couple didn’t have any concrete plans at the beginning, but their first thought was that it could be, and should be something that others could come and enjoy.
And so slowly but surely, they started developing their farm, and later on, their restaurant. Fayme is adamant in stating that they are very blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity thanks to the support of their family, and team. However, it is very clear to see that the couple’s ideas and concepts are coming to life, thanks to their hard work and input. Josh studied Business, and Fayme studied Marketing: can you possibly think of a better combination?


Along with having the knowledge to back up a project of this magnitude, their free spirited style is a definite bonus: from foraging for berries to putting in the work in the sweltering heat to have fresh coconut water, they go the extra mile. They are also very open to learning and continue their journey in a way that is not only beneficial to them, but to the community as well. The thought process behind their restaurant: the farm to table concept, is one that I admire.


The Eatery

Hofi Cas Cora EateryAs Fayme explains; Curacao wants to be a independent country, but we depend on import. It’s very easy to go to the supermarket and buy what you need, but very little of it comes from our own farmers. At The Eatery the largest part of what is offered on their menu is grown on their farm, or bought locally. The goat cheese they serve for example is made locally as well by another entrepreneur. Fayme simply states; Why wouldn’t we work with other local vendors? There is no limit to what you can accomplish when you work together.


Their advice for anyone starting up?

Stay positive, take it day by day, find the right partners, and work together.

Fayme and Josh have come a long way, and still have a lot of ideas up their sleeves. What I picked up from this story is the importance of learning from the process, whatever that may be. Josh had no prior farming experience, but today he can proudly say that he has grown peppers, sweet potatoes, corn, yuca, and papaya just to name a few. And as you can tell by the humongous smile on my face, it was a pleasure to get to taste some of what they harvested.


DC 6 Faymi & Josh 1

The guy to my left you know by now, that’s Gyanno from EdgeUp Marketing, without whom The DreamCatchers Project simply wouldn’t be what it is.


Just in case you wanted a closer look at what you can order any given friday night at The Eatery… here you go.

Fresh Red Snapper Bite with Home-Grown Papaya Salsa Topped with Crispy Fish Skin

 Open-Face Goat Cheese Sandwich with Balsamic Veggies

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cheesecake

Fayme & Josh are DreamCatchers because they are building a business from the ground up…(see what I did there?) and they are showing us that amazing things can be done, grown, and accomplished if you are patient, kind, and work together.

Interested in learning more?

Feel free to visit their Facebook page: Hofi Cas Cora.


And so it is with this adorable picture, of a friendly piggy I saw on their farm that I bid you adieu, until the next and final story of the DreamCatchers Project.

Hofi Cas Cora Farm

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